SSS Response to Florida

Dear SSS members,

I am writing to express my outrage at the recent decision by the Florida board of governors to remove Principles of Sociology from the list of core course requirements. It is frustrating to see sociology under attack because of the many benefits to students and society of engaging with a sociological perspective as well as the position this puts our sociology colleagues and departments in Florida. While a statement on its own is unlikely to have a great impact, it is important that you know that I and our organization are behind you.

See also the letter from ASA and opinion piece by Florida State University professor Anne Barrett. And the following article that cites several of our colleagues in Florida, including Elizabeth Aranda at University of South Florida, Alison Cares at University of Central Florida, Matthew Marr at Florida International University, and John Reynolds at Florida State University.

We want to provide an outlet for you to express both your views of what sociology is and does as well as what you would like the Southern Sociological Society to do.

  1. Write a response to “Sociology ________.” This is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts on what sociology is and what it can provide our students and society.
  2. Let us know what you want us to do. Specific ideas are most welcome.

Please click on this link to respond to either/both of these requests by Friday, Feb. 9th, 2024.

We hope to share the responses to #1 in a word visualization with membership as well as on our website as a representation of what we are about at SSS. We will also consider all suggestions provided in #2 in our next Executive Committee meeting.

In solidarity,

Gayle Kaufman
SSS President