About the Society

Established in 1935, the Southern Sociological Society is a society of professionals that promotes the development of sociology as a profession and scientific discipline by the maintenance of high academic professional and ethical standards, and by encouraging effective teaching of sociology, valid and reliable methods and research in the study of human society, diffusion of sociological knowledge and its application to societal problems, cooperation with related disciplines and groups, recruitment and training of sociologists, and development of sociology programs in educational and other agencies.

In pursuit of its mission, the Southern Sociological Society (SSS) is committed to building a diverse association and creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for its members. This includes welcoming individuals along many different dimensions of diversity including but not limited to: race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, physical and mental ability, age, institution and career status. We actively work to do this through inclusive, anti-discriminatory, and equitable practices and programing, encouraging full participation in SSS and fostering a mutual respect for others in all that we do and in the business of the society.

Members of the Society convene for an annual academic conference usually held in spring.

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SSS Member Highlight

Cameron Lippard

“Hello to all of my fellow Southern sociologists! As a proud member of SSS since 2003, I have been an active member, participating in opportunities to present research, develop programming, and cultivate essential and lasting connections with colleagues across the South and the rest of the United States.

I have also held several positions within SSS, from technology coordinator to vice president. Each experience has enriched and honed my sociological skills and abilities while providing valuable insights into the profession I love to promote. From 2007 to 2009, I was selected by the Executive Committee to serve as the technology coordinator, making me responsible for the care and set-up of the audio-visual equipment for the annual conferences. From 2008 to 2014, I served on the Race and Ethnic Minorities Committee as a committee member. I also chaired the committee for three years, which worked to fully establish travel grants for underrepresented graduate students from HBCUs. In 2016, I was elected to the Executive Committee for SSS. This was a great honor and gave me great insight into the organization’s inner workings. During my three years on this committee, we tackled questions about the budget, the development of inclusive services related to childcare, gender-neutral bathrooms, and efforts to reduce sexual assault and harassment at our conferences. I also served on two conference program committees for Drs. Christopher Ellison and Eduardo Bonilla-Silva during this period.

However, the most honorable service with SSS was serving as the most recent Vice President. During this service, I was fully involved with planning an annual conference, shadowing the President’s responsibilities, and serving as the Nominations Committee chair. Being the chair of this committee allowed me to recruit new candidates to fill critical roles, including the executive committee, vice president, president, and other elected positions. I also participated in SSS’s JEDI committee to assist in increasing diversity and inclusion in SSS, which led to this committee becoming a standing obligation supported by the organization. Now, I am setting my sights on serving as the Executive Officer in 2025, filling some big shoes as Dr. Dave Brunsma steps down in this role.

Beyond my experiences with SSS, I have also been heavily invested in elevating sociology across the American South. Since 2007, I have served as a tenure-track professor at Appalachian State University, working with some of the best sociologists, students, and community members one could want. In this role, I have taught over 15 undergraduate and graduate courses, directed ten honors theses, and led 12 study-abroad programs in 15 countries in Europe and Central America. I also have eight books or edited volumes and am a co-editor for Sociological Inquiry and Sociation. Finally, I have earned four teaching awards, one service award, and one global leadership award, as well as being the director of several community-based research projects that have led to real change in local communities in Western North Carolina. Although these accomplishments may be seen as braggadocious, I point all of these accomplishments out to show that as a first-generation college student who thought that his college education would not lead to much, I am happy to report that the strife, battles, and hard work have paid off. Sociology has a place and purpose, so keep up the excellent work, and you, too, will see the fruits of your labor! Cheers/Prost/Salud/Saliente!”

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