About the Society

Established in 1935, the Southern Sociological Society is a society of professionals that promotes the development of sociology as a profession and scientific discipline by the maintenance of high academic professional and ethical standards, and by encouraging effective teaching of sociology, valid and reliable methods and research in the study of human society, diffusion of sociological knowledge and its application to societal problems, cooperation with related disciplines and groups, recruitment and training of sociologists, and development of sociology programs in educational and other agencies.

In pursuit of its mission, the Southern Sociological Society (SSS) is committed to building a diverse association and creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for its members. This includes welcoming individuals along many different dimensions of diversity including but not limited to: race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, physical and mental ability, age, institution and career status. We actively work to do this through inclusive, anti-discriminatory, and equitable practices and programing, encouraging full participation in SSS and fostering a mutual respect for others in all that we do and in the business of the society.

Members of the Society convene for an annual academic conference usually held in spring.

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SSS Member Highlight

Anthony Jerome Stone Jr.

“Hello SSSers! You may recognize me from many years as a student member who often served in volunteer capacities. I am now a new assistant professor at The University of Memphis in the department of sociology. Before starting at UofM this fall, I earned a bachelors degree in political science (pre-law) from Michigan State University, a master’s degree in sociology from UofM, and recently finished the PhD at the University of Cincinnati. I am excited about this next stage in my professional academic journey. While the research stemming from my dissertation delves into how Black men from across the country think about who they are when they see other Black boys, teens, and men in movies (and vice versa), I am excited to continue to examine how people make sense of their social worlds. Like many with a sociological imagination, my identities and experiences have shaped my desire to research how our racial identities, experiences with race and racism, and our collective memories or histories regarding race shape our racialized experiences, and who we are. Much of this is centered around my other area of interest, sociology of media.

I truly look forward to every SSS meeting, as I have connected with remarkable people at all stages of scholarship, activism, and lives. Through serving SSS as a volunteer, presider, organizer, and committee chair, or presenting my work, I have received connections that have led to support and provided more than a collegial environment. I know SSS to be a great organization to be a part of and argue that the annual meeting is the best conference, whether one is a student or at any level of the professorial journey!

When not focusing on research, I try to hit the gym, love to play games, but I especially love to eat good food, travel for good food, and watch movies (and try not to make it about research; it’s so hard!).”

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