Opportunities for Exhibiting, Advertising, and Engaging at SSS 2024

Good day SSSers.

I would like for you to consider the ways you can make your work, your programs, and your organizations visible at SSS 2024. There are a variety of ways, and, indeed, we are always open to new ideas and working with members, their publishers, and a myriad of organizations.

Tabling/Exhibiting/Advertising at SSS 2024

If you have an organization or are connected to a publisher who may wish to table/exhibit at SSS 2024, we have several possibilities for such exposure.

For publishers or non-SSS organizations, tables are $500 each. For SSS-related organizations, we are certainly willing to work with those entities with lower tabling rates.

Publishers or individuals wishing to take part in a combined exhibit/table can send up to seven (7) books as well as flyers/pamphlets/cards to the below address along with $250, and we will display these in a combined exhibit. Payment can also be made online here.

We will also accommodate and work with other organizations of course if they wish to table/exhibit at SSS 2024.

If you have recently published a book and/or wish to have a book of yours highlighted, all authors should feel free to contact me and/or send this email to their editors/publishers and have them contact David L. Brunsma.

We accept individual, organizational, publisher and/or departmental advertisements to be included in the program (Departmental Members get a free advertisement as part of the membership tier – see below). The deadline for ads is February 1, 2024. You can purchase a full-page advertisement (8.5″ x 11″) for the program and a logo for the mobile app that links to a webpage of your choice for $150. You may send your ad and logo to the Executive Office in .pdf or .jpg in the highest possible resolution. When you do so, please purchase the advertisement online by clicking here or send a check made payable to the Southern Sociological Society to:

Southern Sociological Society
560 McBryde Hall – MC 0137
225 Stanger Street
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Opportunities for Graduate Programs

Graduate departments are an integral part of the society. There are three key ways for graduate departments to increase visibility and engagement in the annual meeting. First, as per the above, you can advertise in the conference program and mobile app. Second, you can take part in the graduate program informational session along with many other graduate departments – contact David L. Brunsma if you are interested in participating in this event during the annual meeting. Third, you can become a Departmental Member which comes with perks for your department and your students. I turn to the latter issue next.

SSS Departmental Membership

We encourage your department to become a Departmental Member of the Southern Sociological Society. Departments who choose to do this are listed in the annual meeting program (with your institutional logo), receives our amazing journal, Social Currents, to display for their faculty and students in their front office, receive a full-page advertisement in the conference program and receives a discount for presenting undergraduate students: undergraduate students at a Departmental Member who are on the program will get their annual membership dues waived (undergraduate conference registration fees would still be required). The following rates secure such a membership: 1) $150 for PhD-granting institutions; 2) $100 for MA-granting institutions; and, 3) $50 for BA/AA-granting institutions. We hope your department will consider becoming a Departmental Member of SSS. Our website has more information at http://www.southernsociologicalsociety.org/join.html.

Membership Dues

Please be sure to renew your membership dues if you have not done so already: http://join.southernsociologicalsociety.org.

Conference Registration and Booking Your Room for #SSS2024

You will not want to miss the upcoming annual meeting April 3-6, 2024 at the Sheraton New Orleans in, go figure, New Orleans, LA. This year President Gayle Kaufman’s theme “Disrupting Binaries,” together with their Program Committee (Chairs, Hiromi Taniguchi and D’Lane Compton) will assemble a full-to-bursting program of exciting Sessions, Authors-Meets-Curious-Readers, Panels, Workshops, and so much more covering the spectrum of sociological inquiry – built almost entirely from membership submissions!

To register for #SSS2024, go to: http://www.southernsociologicalsociety.org/annual.html

Those who PreRegister by March 1, 2024 will pay significantly lower fees than those who wait to register after this date.

BOOK YOUR ROOM NOW! To book your hotel room, click here to receive the conference rate.

A Note about COVID

We are excited to plan an in-person 2024 conference. All those attending will be required to follow any COVID-19-related protocols mandated by local authorities at the time of the meeting. We strongly recommend that attendees receive a COVID-19 vaccination and all booster series in advance of the conference. Mask use is optional, but encouraged. Please do your best to consider your own health and that of your colleagues. Depending on circumstances closer to our meeting in April, SSS Executive Committee may enact stricter protocols.

I look forward to seeing you all in New Orleans!


David L. Brunsma

Executive Officer

Southern Sociological Society