Follow-Up: SSS Response to Florida

Dear SSS community,

Thank you for responding to our short survey about what sociology is and what SSS should do in response to attacks on sociology in Florida and potentially elsewhere.

We have created a word cloud based on your responses.

It heartens me to see the many ways in which sociology is seen as necessary and enlightening. Sociology provides essential tools for understanding society. It helps make sense of personal experiences and the diversity of human experiences, situated within the local, national, and global context. Sociology not only exposes injustices but provides actionable knowledge that helps build empathy, promote civic engagement, and dismantle unfair systems.

Sociology is a superpower!

I will also share your suggestions with the Executive Committee and look for ways that SSS can provide support.

We will continue collecting responses until our meeting in New Orleans so please feel free to add your thoughts and ideas HERE.

In solidarity,

Gayle Kaufman

SSS President