2024 Award Recipients

Dear SSS community,

On behalf of the Committee on Honors, I am pleased to announce the 2024 Southern Sociological Society award recipients. We invite you to attend the Presidential Honors and Convocation event at the Annual Meeting to offer congratulations and best wishes to the following recipients:

Roll of Honor Award

Larry Isaac, Vanderbilt University

SSS Junior Scholar Award

Tania Jenkins, UNC-Chapel Hill

Howard Odum Graduate Student Paper Award

Rose Archer, “Surviving in the Midst Of ‘Nowhere’: Disrupting the Conceptualization Of a Maternity Care Desert,” Florida State University (Miranda Waggoner, Rice University, Advisor)

Howard Odum Undergraduate Student Paper Award

Brigit S. Reese, “Hope, Nope, or Cope: Americans’ Perceptions about Climate Change in the 2020s,” Southwestern University (Maria Lowe, Advisor)

The Honors Committee worked diligently this year as we received outstanding nominations. We ask that you continue thinking of colleagues who are worthy of recognition by the Southern Sociological Society to send them in as soon as you get the notice in the fall so that all deserving members are considered in the process. Not sure of membership status? Contact the SSS to make sure that your nominees and supporters are eligible as they are nominated.


Verna M. Keith

Chair, SSS Committee on Honors