Presidents of the Southern Sociological Society

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1936 E.T. Krueger, Vanderbilt University

1937 Wilson Gee, University of North Carolina‐Chapel Hill

1938 Rupert B. Vance, North Carolina‐Chapel Hill

1939 E.W. Gregory, University of Alabama

1940 Fred C. Frey, Louisiana State University

1941 B.O. Williams, University of Georgia

1942 William E. Cole, University of Tennessee‐Knoxville

1943 Katharine Jocher, University of North Carolina‐Chapel Hill

1944 Katharine Jocher, University of North Carolina‐Chapel Hill

1945 Howard Beers, University of Kentucky

1946 Charles S. Johnson, Fisk University

1947 T. Lynn Smith, Louisiana State University

1948 Coyle E. Moore, Florida State University

1949 Wayland J. Hayes, Vanderbilt University

1950 Lee M. Brooks, University of North Carolina‐Chapel Hill

1951 H.C. Brearley, George Peabody College for Teachers

1952 Rudolf Heberle, Louisiana State University

1953 Leland B. Tate, Virginia Tech

1954 Guy B. Johnson, University of North Carolina‐Chapel Hill

1955 Morton B. King, Jr., University of Mississippi

1956 Irwin T. Sanders, University of Kentucky

1957 Homer L. Hitt, Louisiana State University

1958 C. Horace Hamilton, North Carolina State University

1959 Harold F. Kaufman, Mississippi State University

1960 E. William Noland, University of North Carolina‐Chapel Hill

1961 Edgar T. Thompson, Duke University

1962 Meyer F. Nimkoff, Florida State University

1963 Alvin L. Bertrand, Louisiana State University

1964 Selz C. Mayo, North Carolina State University

1965 Bryce F. Ryan, University of Miami

1966 Joseph S. Himes, North Carolina College

1967 A. Lee Coleman, University of Kentucky

1968 Ernest Q. Campbell, Vanderbilt University

1969 John C. McKinney, Duke University

1970 John T. Doby, Emory University

1971 Alvin Boskoff, Emory University

1972 Richard L. Simpson, University of North Carolina‐Chapel Hill

1973 Charles M. Grigg, Florida State University

1974 Fredrick L. Bates, University of Georgia

1975 Charles U. Smith, Florida A&M University

1976 Alan C. Kerckhoff, Duke University

1977 Thomas R. Ford, University of Kentucky

1978 Gerhard E. Lenski, University of North Carolina‐Chapel Hill

1979 Clifton D. Bryant, Virginia Tech

1980 M. Elaine Burgess, University of North Carolina‐Greensboro

1981 Irving L. Webber, University of Alabama

1982 Charles B. Nam, Florida State University

1983 Joseph H. Fichter, Loyola University‐New Orleans

1984 George A. Hillery, Jr., Virginia Tech

1986 Jeffrey K. Hadden, University of Virginia

1987 Abbott L. Ferriss, Emory University

1988 Ida Harper Simpson, Duke University

1989 John Shelton Reed, University of North Carolina‐Chapel Hill

1990 Lewis M. Killian, University of West Florida

1991 Joel Smith, Duke University

1992 Ronald L. Akers, University of Florida

1993 Shirley B. Laska, University of New Orleans

1994 Walter R. Gove, Vanderbilt University

1995 Thomas C. Hood, University of Tennessee

1996 John Moland, Jr., Alabama State University

1997 Karl L. Alexander, Johns Hopkins University

1998 Rebecca G. Adams, University of North Carolina‐Greensboro

1999 Lynn Smith‐Lovin, University of Arizona

2000 Maxine Atkinson, North Carolina State University

2001 Kenneth C. Land, Duke University

2002 Rachel A. Rosenfeld, University of North Carolina‐Chapel Hill

2003 Patricia Yancey Martin, Florida State University

2004 Charles M. Tolbert II, Baylor University

2005 Michael Hughes, Virginia Tech

2006 Judith Blau, University of North Carolina‐Chapel Hill

2007 Ronald W. Wimberley, North Carolina State University

2008 Larry W. Isaac, Vanderbilt University

2009 Kathleen Slevin, William & Mary

2010 Angela O’Rand, Duke University

2011 Vincent Roscigno, The Ohio State University

2012 Beth A. Rubin, University of North Carolina‐Charlotte

2013 Donald Tomaskovic‐Devey, UMass‐Amherst

2014 Leslie Hossfeld, University of North Carolina‐Wilmington

2015 David Maume, University of Cincinnati

2016 Barbara Risman, University of Chicago-Illinois

2017 Christopher G. Ellison, University of Texas at San Antonio

2018 Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Duke University

2019 Toni Calasanti, Virginia Tech

2020 Beth Rushing, Appalachian College Association

2021 Adia Harvey Wingfield, Washington University in St. Louis

2022 Stephanie Bohon, The University of Tennessee- Knoxville