Sociologists for Women in Society South: Seeking Leadership Nominations

Since 1969, Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) has been an organization committed to making transformational change in the academy. One of the ways that SWS continues to work toward this mission is by cultivating feminist leadership within the organization. 

Currently, SWS-South is seeking nominations for a variety of leadership roles. SWS-South Vice President Ashley Vancil-Leap has provided a call for nominations for these exciting leadership opportunities! 

It’s time for SWS-South nominations! There are so many opportunities to get involved this year! The positions we are electing for are President, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, Membership Committee Chair, Vision Committee Chair, and Student Delegate to SWS. 

All of these positions have a 2-year term beginning April 2022 after the SSS Annual Meeting except the Student Delegate, who serves a 1-year term. A detailed description of each position and the eligibility criteria for officers can be found in the Policies and Procedures of the SWS-South website.

Know of someone who is looking to get more involved in professional organizations? SWS-South is a great place to start! Throw their name in the pool for one of the several positions we are seeking to elect for the upcoming year! Want to get more involved in this wonderful organization yourself? We also welcome (and even encourage) self-nominations! 

If you’re a student looking to get a start in some of these positions, the SWS Student Delegate, Newsletter Editor, and Membership Committee Chair positions are a great place to start! The candidates for Student Delegate will be selected via a random lottery to give students an equal opportunity to be selected for the position.

Have additional questions about what a position will be like? Feel free to reach out to a current officer for more details about the position. A list of current officers can be found at

Help us get some amazing folks to lead SWS-South! Please email your nominations to by Monday, September 27th! 

Thanks in advance!

Ashley Vancil-Leap

SWS-South Vice President