Job Opportunity: NSF Research Traineeship on Climate Resilience in the Southeast

NSF Research Traineeship on Climate Resilience in the Southeast 

Auburn University is pleased to announce that they are accepting applications for their Fall 2022 cohort in their National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) Program on Climate Resilience in the Southeast Funded Positions Apply Now through Jan 10th, 2022. 

Funded Trainees receive a $34,000 stipend per year for up to 2 years, qualify for the Auburn graduate out-of-state tuition and instate-tuition waivers and set amount of semesterly student fees are paid. Funded Trainees must either be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Unfunded Trainees may receive departmental support in lieu of NSF funding. Both groups of students have the same expectations and qualify to participate in all aspects of the program.

  • Desiring to possess the skills needed to succeed in an array of scientific careers?
  • Currently conducting research relating to climate change or community resilience to weather hazards?
  • Wanting to be recognized as a prestigious NSF Trainee, funded or non-funded?
  • Interested in conducting an internship with stakeholders that need their help?
  • Interested in producing science that can be used by stakeholders to increase communities’ resilience to climate change?
  • Looking to engage with interdisciplinary research in a transformative graduate program?

This NRT program’s goal is to train the next generation of scientists and leaders who can help build resilient communities that are prepared for, can effectively respond to, and quickly recover from damaging hazard events in the southeastern United States.  MS and PhD students will conduct research within an integrated and multidisciplinary framework with the aim to better understand, predict, and communicate the resilience of natural, social and built environmental systems. Candidates need to be accepted to the Auburn University Graduate program before participating in the NRT program.

Additional details on the NRT program can be found on our website at 

Have any questions? Want to hear from current trainees? Join us on Nov 10th at 4pm CT for a Virtual Recruitment Meeting on Zoom