SSS 2020 Cancellation and Information

Last updated 04-07-2020

Dear SSS members,

As you know, the Society was forced to cancel our annual 2020 meeting in Jacksonville. With this cancellation comes many logistic issues that the Executive Office and Committee are continuing to work through. Please see below for several reminders.

Meeting registrations. All meeting registrants may log into their portal to elect one of the following: (a) donate their 2020 meeting registration to the SSS; (b) request a refund of their 2020 meeting registration; or (c) roll their 2020 meeting registration to 2021. We will leave this portal open until May 1, 2020; after that date, we will consider all 2020 registrations to be donated to the SSS (note that, as a 501c3 organization, donations to the SSS are tax deductible). Once logged into your portal, locate the link in the left side navigation. The SSS Executive Office is run by two individuals. As such, please understand that processing these requests may take some weeks and most should not expect processing before May 1st.

Donations. The SSS Executive Committee has 100% committed to donating our meeting registrations to the SSS. We encourage those of you who can afford to do so to donate your registration, as well. The annual meeting registration, along with the membership dues, are essential to our ongoing operations including, but not limited to, costs incurred for SSS 2020 that cannot be recouped, the running of the Executive Office, supporting the editorial offices of Social Currents, maintenance of our database management services and website, site selection activities and visits, and many others. Like others, our investment fund has lost a considerable amount of value in recent weeks, so our reserves are not as robust now as they were before. As such, please consider additional donations to your SSS! Additional donations may be made here.

Memberships. We will not issue refunds for SSS memberships. We also encourage all who have not yet joined for 2020 to join now to keep our membership rolls strong and to support the society through the uncertain upcoming weeks and months.

SSS business. The SSS Executive Committee met on April 1 to conduct the necessary business for the organization. The leadership transition took place at the end of that meeting, when Beth Rushing handed the virtual presidential gavel to Adia Harvey Wingfield. We are also encouraging all SSS Committees to continue their work throughout this moment, as they would in a normal year.

SSS honors. One of the most joyous elements of the SSS meetings is the awards celebration. We will still make awards in 2020 (to be announced in a few weeks), but will celebrate these honors in person at our meeting in 2021.

The Southern Sociological Society is, and will continue to be, a strong and vibrant part of our professional lives. Thank you for all you have done to make this organization such an important source of intellectual growth, professional networking, and conviviality. We look forward to seeing you all in New Orleans in 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact the webmaster.

Beth Rushing, SSS President
David Brunsma, SSS Executive Officer

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