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SSS Membership
SSS membership shall be open to any person interested in the objectives of the Society. The forms and conditions of membership are set forth in the Bylaws. The membership year of the Society shall be from July 1 through June 30. An application for membership received after May 1 shall be dated forward to July 1.

Membership classes shall be Sustaining, Regular, Emeritus, Student, and NonMember. All members are entitled to attend meetings of the Society, to receive its publications, and to receive other communications authorized by the Society. Emeritus members receive all benefits without further payment of dues or registration fees. Only Sustaining, Regular, Student, and Emeritus members have voting rights and are eligible for elective office.

SSS Listserv
The SSS listserv is designed to notify both members and non-members of new Society information, job postings, and general announcements. If you would like to join the SSS llistserv click here.

SSS Member Discounts
SSS members may receive discounted rates on some journals. Members simply need to access the local sales office of either Elsevier or Oxford and note they are members with their order.

Social Forces (Oxford)
Research in Social Stratification and Mobility (Elsevier)
Social Science Research (Elsevier)
Technology in Society (Elsevier)

SSS members now receive a $10.00 discount on membership in the American Sociological Association when joining the ASA online and using the promotion code "PROSSS". Offer valid for new non-student members only.

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