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Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award

The purpose of this award is to honor individuals, departments, schools, institutions, or other collective actors for their outstanding contributions to the teaching of sociology at the undergraduate and/or graduate level. The award may recognize contributions over the course of a career, over the history of a program, or for a specific project or projects.

Teaching is broadly defined to include: classroom instruction, curriculum design, directing and mentoring students, developing instructional materials, producing educational films or videos, creating educational software or web sites, writing or editing textbooks or teacher manuals, conducting workshops on pedagogy, training student teachers, and publishing teaching-related research.

Recipients of the award are expected to have excelled in one or more of these areas, and have a minimum of five years teaching experience (or be a program that has been in existence for at least five years). This is not an award simply for being an outstanding classroom teacher at one’s own institution, but is intended to honor individuals or collective actors whose contributions, though they may result from classroom teaching, go beyond their institutions to benefit the discipline as a whole.

Award recipients may organize a session at the annual meeting.

Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award Recipients

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